Custom Apparel by Divine Ratio

We are excited to announce we offer custom apparel for your convenience. Whether you are a personal trainer and want apparel for yourself and clients or you just want to be creative and have apparel made to suit you?

We can assist you!

Divine Ratio have developed a standard range of sport apparel which can be view on our apparel page.

Custom Apparel by Divine Ratio
Custom Apparel by Divine Ratio

We will custom design & print your apparel with no minimum order quality, hence you can order one item at a time.

Divine Ratio will carefully design and size each pattern to ensure the best fit and function.

Custom make patterns according to your requirements, or you can choose any of our standard designs.

Our products will not peel or fade, and are also saltwater-resistant.

Please ask us if you are unsure about the best fabric for your apparel, so that we can provide you with the best option. Send us an email with your request?

Custom Apparel by Divine Ratio
Custom Apparel by Divine Ratio

We offer our fabric in 2 various grammage

  • 180 gsm
  • 220 gsm

See our legging size chart

Leggings size chart - Divine Ratio custom apparel

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